Tuesday, June 10, 2008

“Der Al Ahmar”… Civilization moving towards Modernization

That’s the title of my graduation project!!
I chose this topic since it reflects some Lebanese traditions and it also shows how Lebanese traditions are disappearing by time.when I first thought about this topic, It never came to my mind that it would be that much interesting.

How wonderful to see Bekaa valley surrounding the whole view!!!
“Der Al Ahmar” is a village in Bekaa that is known for its Dabkeh. It’s a very traditional villages that cares about it’s values, religion, and even it’s political fanaticism.
What’s mostly weird about “Der Al Ahmar” is the mixture of traditions and modernization. You can see old houses and at the same time u’ll see a castle or luxurious houses.
Moreover, in every street you can see a church or Saint Mary’s statues. This shows how much this village cares about religion.
Old men still wear “Shirwel” like the traditional Lebanese. Also women wear some traditional clothes.
That’s just what you can see in “Der Al Ahmar”, while there is what you can hear too!!! People in “Der Al Ahmar” have a different accent than any other Lebanese villages. Beirut citizens can find it hard to understand their accent.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Eternal University Memories!!!

University Memories are Really unforgettable!!!
Through three years at university, I saved many special memories in my mind.
Everything related to classes was absolutelyforgotten since it was not that much interesting or teachable.
But my friends left footprints in my heart.
Being together for three years made university life much easier and lovable.
The first two years were not as wonderful as this last year!!!
we used to have a Monday color day.
This means that we used to wear the same shirt color
every Monday to have some photos together to keep them as a memory.
Our class was named by “lazy class” but in fact we
were the funniest class and the best, at least in our opinion!!!!
The other factors that made my three –year path
at university easy ,is my friend ,actually my sister Diana.
She’s part of my life now and no one at university
can imagine seeing one of us alone without the other!
There is one thing to remember:
"Good friends are hard to find, hard to leave, and impossible to forget.”


One of the interesting training sessions at university was the STUDIO DAY. We spent 4 hours training at the studio with the director, Mr. Adnan Yassine. We were trained on how to use the camera, to work as a director, and to prepare and present a talk show. It was very excited to learn new things and techniques like that. This kind of training, especially the talk show, gave me self confidence and showed my capabilities. It’s really important to learn how to react while shooting a live interview, which can be learned through practice and experience .


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Gebran...A Journalist Who Touches Tomorrow

The truth ness and honesty are the brave weapons of journalists, that's why journalists are the forth authority through their effect on the society and a word that teaches and influences tomorrow.
Gebran is a famous journalist known for his honesty that led him to death. As for me, Gebran is not just a journalist, but he represents the ambition of most of the Lebanese youth.
Gebran Tueni played a big role in my choice to study journalism. I always wanted to be like Gebran because he always aimed for freedom and addressed his word to youth. He was the forth authority by all means.
Journalism was always my dream but Gebran Tueni implemented the enthusiasm in me to develop this dream.
Gebran was the teacher that taught his readers how to be free and how to work for the benefit of their country. My ideal taught me to feel no fear when telling the truth.
They usually say a teacher is the one who touches tomorrow, but in fact a journalist does too. Gebran wasn't only a journalist but also a talented teacher!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

From childhood dream to an adulthood reality

Reporter…this simple word was the fantasy of my childish dream. Popularity was the goal of my future plans. Being a famous journalist was my lovable character while playing during my childhood path. “I want to be on TV shows!!” This babyish statement became the purpose and demand of my life, actually my world. I grew up insisting that what I called a dream would never ever remain undeveloped and just to enjoy during my nap. That’s why I chose this career, domain, in order to fulfill my hopes and reach satisfaction. The first step towards my goal was entering the Lebanese university, Faculty of Media and Documentation. I thought that this university would develop my abilities, encourage my passion, and equip me to be a skillful journalist. But, I was disappointed. I preferred to go back to fantasy rather than living this reality. My university demotivated me. All their concern was to make their students stick to memorize books and theories and that’s what I’ve done through three years without really training us to be the fourth authority. I’m on my way to graduation; graduating without a certificate. The only thing I learned during these three years was to depend on my self-knowledge and my abilities and not of what I’ve been taught. I’m sure that if I would be a famous journalist and a reporter is because of my dream and my inside ability. Journalism is not what you learn but it is what you experience.